Update on Hogge Park Plans

Posted January 2, 2021


Heather Lynch from Fairfax County Planning and Development Division has sent us back the revised plans for the park based upon our survey feedback we gave to her last month. Though they are an improvement, they are far from the wishes of our community based upon the survey responses.


It appears that the county is ignoring our major concerns and efforts to have this park reflect the wishes and needs of our Glen Forest community. Heather Lynch has made clear that the county has finalized plans and will begin construction, despite having major unresolved issues and opposition from our community. She states that Penny Gross and the Park Board are in agreement. It is confusing why the county is not considering our feedback despite us being the most impacted. The original public hearing for the park was ten years ago (Dec. 2010); the community has changed significantly and the park design should reflect this. In addition, the county is not interested in holding a new hearing. We have not heard why the county is refusing to hold a new hearing when there is so much opposition to the plans (and our property taxes have doubled).


We will be taking this matter to Penny Gross' office, to ensure that she is aware of the community's concerns regarding the plans. We will continue to update you regarding the park as things progress. 

New Glen Forest Community Website!

Posted January 1, 2021


Welcome to the new and improved Glen Forest Community website! Please check back often for community updates, news, information about upcoming community events, and ways to get involved. We're glad you're here!

New website pic.png
Results of Hogge Park Community Survey

Posted December 6, 2020


Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent Hogge Park Development survey. We had over 60 people participate and were able to put together a short presentation that we shared with Fairfax County via email.


They responded quickly and stated that they wanted to have time to carefully review the results and learn from them. They have therefore requested to postpone the community meeting about the park to January 2021.


As soon as we have more information about the scheduling of that meeting, we will let you know.

We Need Your Email Address!

Posted December 5, 2021


Stay connected with Glen Forest Community Association by making sure that we have your email address!

We've been engaged in an effort to collect email addresses from neighborhood residents for the last year, however we still only have about email addresses for about 25% of the residents.


If you want to stay connected, receive information and updates about the community, please send your email and street address to glenforestcommunity@gmail.com.


We will never share your email address with anyone and will never use your email for anything other than communications about our community.